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Stolen dreams

Posted by Vivian Zabel on Thursday, February 25, 2010,
    I had such big dreams when Mike and I married. Jason, who's my best friend's husband, tried to warn me, but I knew best. I was so young and idealistic -- and dumb.

    Every time I look at the pictures on the wall over the sofa, I realize how much was stolen from me. Oh, I could blame it all on Mike, but I allowed him to continue his "indiscretions," put up with his not being a fit husband and father. What is the word that is thrown around? Enable? I was an enabler because I didn't do anyt...
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A normal day goes wrong

Posted by Vivian Zabel on Tuesday, February 23, 2010,
       I was doing laundry, trying to get the kids to take their naps - just a normal day for a teacher-mother who gets to stay at home only during the summer, when school's out. I never dreamed that a phone call would destroy all my hope that my marriage could endure.

       In a way, everything is my fault. I was so stupid, didn't stand up for myself or my children. No back bone and false pride is a bad combination. I'll live to regret my lack of courage.

by Torri

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